Azure Diagnostics Viewer Privacy Statement
Last updated: 10/12/2014

Azure Diagnostics Viewer application collects some user information that required for this application to work properly. This document describes what information is collected, how it is stored and used.

Information collected by the application

The following information may be collected by the application functions:

How information stored

This application requires a valid credentials to be able to access user's Windows Azure Storage account. These credentials and Windows Azure Cloud Role names are collected and stored in MS Windows user's roaming settings.

The application supports saving its state with the current session data, which includes values specified in form fields and other data. The session data is stored in user's local setting storage provided by the operating system.

How information used

Windows Azure Storage credentials are exclusively used to directly connect to your WadLogsTable in read-only mode. No any other data read or accessed in the storage account. The developer of this application doesnt't have access to the credentials, storage account and data obtained by it.

Users session data are used when application restored from suspended state. They are not used or transfered anywhere outside of this application.

Your security

Stored credentials are protected by the operating system in the same way it protects other roaming personal information. Be sure to use strong passwords and lock your device when you leave it unattended. Users can always delete stored credentials by using the application's account removal function. The application always uses https protocol for accessing Windows Azure Storage to enhance your data security.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

The developer may occasionally update this privacy statement. The last statement update date is always shown in the header of this document.

Contact Information

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