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Azure Diagnositc Viewer is a fee app available in Windows Store. It provides a convenient way to view diagnostic information logged into WadLogsTable by Windows Azure diagnostic services.

This tool is intended to support Windows Azure developers and IT operations professionals. Users need to understand the concept of Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) to properly utilize this app.

The tool provides various abilities to simplify WAD data monitoring and navigation. Users can register all their Windows Azure storage accounts where they have WadLogsTable available. They can quickly switch between accounts, view their status at glance and drill down into very details of a particular record.

Key Features

  • View your Windows Azure Diagnostics data for multiple accounts.
  • See last X minutes Error/Warning/Okay status at glance for all accounts.
  • Save time with dashboard views showing message types, roles, instances and frequent message patterns.
  • View how your messages are spread over time.
  • Narrow or expand queries with available filter.
  • Copy all or selected records to clipboard.
  • Create dedicated role views for at glance observation and quick access.
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